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November 2023 : Celebrate the Animal Health Providers of the Year 2023! Meet new vet Ryan Moore, reminisce about Cammy, and join us for a Charity Race Night while exploring a day in the life of our VetTechs.

October 2023 : Gain insights into Sheep Scab prevention, meet the new Stirling vet, and explore 'Preparing For Sustainable Farming' Grants, including Liver Fluke Testing Options.

September 2023 : Explore a detailed Respiratory Investigation on Farm and get acquainted with the newest member of our veterinary team!

August 2023 : Learn about Iceberg Diseases in Sheep, preventive measures against Toxoplasmosis, and essential updates on Cevac and Enzovax Supply.

July 2023 : Dive into insights about Health Plans, exciting Clyde Vets News, and noteworthy highlights

June 2023 : Don't miss our special Training Services edition covering medicines, calving & colostrum, foot trimming, and AI training courses.

May 2023 : Get the latest on Synch-To-Straw and the significance of Bull Breeding Soundness Examination for successful farm operations.

April 2023 : Stay informed with an update on Avian Flu and the importance of vaccination against lungworm.

March 2023 : Discover the Animal Health And Welfare Payment Scheme For Farmers along with a captivating recap of the SAYFC Agri Study Tour To Chile.

February 2023 : Delve into topics surrounding Sheep Abortion and get an exclusive insight into the latest updates and events at Clyde Vets.

January 2023 : Explore our VetTech Services featuring Dairy Mobility Scoring and a comprehensive Calving and Lambing List for efficient farm management.

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