Inpatient Information

Visiting Times

Owners are welcome to visit their horse, however, visits should be arranged through the equine reception. Visiting times are from: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday 9am-10am & 3pm-4pm at weekends We hope that we can provide you with well-designed, large stables in which your horse will feel relaxed and can enjoy their stay.


If your horse usually wears a rug when stabled, please bring it with you. A note of the equipment that arrives with your horse, to be left for the duration of their stay will be made to ensure that the horse leaves with everything it came with when it is discharged from the hospital. We provide all food and bedding for your horse during its stay, however if it is on a specific mix or supplement please check with the hospital and bring a small supply with your horse for the duration of its stay. The horses are given ad lib hay and water throughout the day with hard feeds given for breakfast and dinner. The last hay/haylage of the day is given at 10-11pm, and the last check is usually conducted by an equine vet. The inpatients are skipped out several times during the day.


A nurse is in attendance from 7am to feed, muck out, and give fresh water and hay/haylage. Any treatments and bandage changes are then done with the duty vet. In the evenings and weekends, we always have 2 equine vets on call and they are assisted by one of the equine nurses.


Your horse will be under the primary care of a veterinary surgeon whilst at the equine hospital. The vet or a nurse will keep you informed each day of the horse’s progress and seek your permission for any diagnostic treatment or procedures that require your consideration and agreement. When your horse is admitted you will be advised which are the best times to contact the clinician and you will be given a business card which has all the contact numbers you require. You will be able to ring the hospital during office hours (8am-5pm) for an update. The clinician in charge of your horse may not always be able to come to the phone immediately, but we will do our best to give you as much information as possible.

Discharge from the Hospital

When your horse is discharged from the hospital you will be given a copy of the discharge instructions which will detail how to manage your horse following its stay in the hospital. Horses can be collected at your convenience, but owners are advised that hospitalisation charges are made from the day of admission to the day of discharge. Horses can be collected out of hours or at the weekend but specific arrangements need to be made to ensure one of the duty vets or nurse is available to discharge your horse.

We are always interested in the progress of your horse following discharge from the hospital and we welcome any feedback you may have. A fee may be charged for horses arriving or leaving out of hours.

Referral Report

All referral cases will receive a written report from the vet responsible for the case. The report will be sent directly to you with a copy also going to your vet. This letter will be required for any insurance claims for veterinary fees.