Equine Facilities

Equine Facilities

"Purpose-built, state of the art facilities..."

The Clyde Vet Group Equine Hospital has hospitalisation facilities with stabling for eleven horses, plus there is an outdoor ménage and field.

The Hospital has a large 45-metre square examination area with non-slip floor for routine examinations. The room has a set of custom-made stocks for endoscopy, reproductive examinations, dental work and standing surgery.

The design of the Hospital is such that we can conduct lameness examinations both undercover or on flood lit outdoor areas and an undercover trot up. The clinic has a 1000 square metre soft arena to observe horses being ridden.

A loading bay is present to assist loading or unloading of difficult or severely injured patients.

A gantry mounted X-ray machine is suspended above the examination area allowing horses to be x-rayed in virtually all areas of the room including when they are in the stocks.

There is a nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning) suite where we can undertake bone scans.

The clinic has facilities to undertake general anaesthesia using a knockdown room and a custom built operating theatre. The two are linked by an overhead hoist system. Induction can be undertaken using a crush door if required. A vet always monitors anaesthesia. During anaesthesia the horse’s blood pressure (taken directly), blood gases, expirated CO2 and ECG will be monitored.  A ventilator is present to assist during anaesthesia. Myelograms can be performed when required. Facilities are present to perform assisted recovery, which is useful when a more controlled recovery is required.

We have an in-house laboratory which is of great benefit when dealing with intensive care patients.

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