Your pet may be affected by cancers during its life, and we are to help to treat them.


Oncology refers to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer.

We know how worrying it is to find a lump or growth in your pet and we are here to support you from diagnosis through to treatment.

Pet owners often have many choices to make regarding possible treatments, so we know how important it is to take time to explain your pet's illness and provide help, practical advice, and information.

Our guiding principle in management of any cancer diagnosis is to maintain the best quality of life during treatment. In many cases, combinations of medical and surgical treatment can have very positive outcomes on quality of life.

Once diagnosed we are able to treat cancer in various ways. Cancer treatment is rapidly evolving and improving. Often surgery is required but the use of drugs and chemotherapy can often have many additional benefits.

We can provide these services in our clinic. Should radiation therapy or specialist oncologist treatment be required, we can provide referral to the appropriate specialist centre.