K9 Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Support for pets recovering from and managing injuries and illness.

K9 Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

We are lucky to offer the services of Mirjam Coert from K9-rehab as a service for owners of dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Mirjam uses a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, acupuncture and laser to improve mobility and provide pain control in cats and dogs.

The service is effective in:

• Older pets with stiffness and arthritis

• Dogs and cats that have had operations that have affected their mobility

• Any not resolving lameness

• Sports and working dogs that see a drop in performance


Canine rehabilitation is basically physiotherapy for dogs and can consist of a whole range of treatments. Mirjam uses massage and joint mobilisation to help with tension. She also uses exercises to keep your pet supple and to increase strength.


Acupuncture works very well in older cats and dogs that suffer from muscle spasms and chronic pain. Acupuncture needles are very thin and can usually be placed without your pet feeling them.


Laser is used to decrease inflammation and oedema. It lessens pain and helps with muscle stiffness and wound healing.

If you are interested in utilising the K9 physiotherapy, please speak to your vet at Clyde Vets for a referral, or contact Mirjam directly at mirjam@K9-Rehab.co.uk or 07933998645.

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