Vet Tech Services

Our Vet Tech team help keep your farm running smoothly, while saving money on vet call outs.

Vet Tech Services

The hassle free way to secure your livestock’s health

We are aware that you are getting busier, with less time to plan, organise and implement effective health care strategies, and this is why we have introduced the VetTech service. The team can carry out the small things that take time or simply require an extra set of hands once or twice a month.

The main benefits farmers have seen from using a VetTech service include:

• Healthier calves from stress free vaccinations and protocols

• Effective and efficient youngstock management

• An extra set of hands which simply help get the job done


To maintain your herd’s health it is important to keep your herd up to date with any vaccinations needed. Our trained technicians will help you to inject your calves, select the relevant animals and bring correct vaccines prescribed by your farm vet.

They will ensure that suitable records are kept of the amount of vaccine used, the batch number, the expiry date and all individual animal ear tag numbers. A copy is sent out to you to include in your own records. Any second doses are booked in automatically so you don’t need to remember.

For example, our VetTechs can manage and plan your Pneumonia and Lungworm vaccinations in accordance with your vet protocol, ensuring no calves are missed and that timing is correct to maximise vaccine effectiveness.


Another VetTech service is monitoring cows for signs of subclinical ketosis. Our team test your cows soon after calving for signs of subclinical ketosis, something which many farmers do not have time to carry out themselves.

You will have immediate results on the day. Results are stored and trends can be reviewed by your vet on a rolling basis. 

Ketosis is a drain on production and increases the risk of disease. By identifying it at an early stage we can work with your nutritionist and the whole on-farm team to help deal with any problems.


Our VetTechs will only disbud calves up to six weeks old which has numerous advantages:

1. Stress free and hassle free for both the animal and farmer.

2. Dehorning can be a job that gets left until the animals are much older. Our VetTechs will come on a regular basis to ensure that no calf gets missed and the animal never gets too big.

3. We disbud the calf as soon as a bud is big enough to be removed. We use a very precise, small and relatively non-traumatic cauterisation tool which we believe to be the most welfare friendly technique available. The younger this is done the smaller the horn and the less traumatic the procedure.

4. Our service includes a 1ml dose of Metacam, which aids pain relief for up to three days post disbudding, this helps to maintain feed intake. The Metacam, Adrenacaine and antibiotic spray is included in our very competitive price.

5. Our VetTechs can help you do all of this reducing the number of farm staff required allowing you to get on with other jobs.


One of our most popular services is mobility scoring. Our VetTechs are trained according to AHDB standards to assess the levels of mobility of all cows in your herd. An automatic report is produced at the end of each session to detail the levels of sound/imperfect cows and it also shows progress since the last assessment, making it easy to identify problem cows for corrective foot trimming. This service is not only useful to fulfil milk contract requirements, but it also allows you to reduce mobility problems in your herd which will aid cow performance and productivity.


A great way to reduce unnecessary spend on wormers and to identify youngstock treatment early is to monitor a small group of cattle and sheep by testing their faeces. Our VetTech team will plan ahead to collect muck samples at the correct times of year so we can help you optimise your worming treatments. On top of fluke and worm counts is coccidiosis sampling to enable your vet to produce a cocci control plan tailored to your unit.


We offer a full youngstock performance monitoring package which can be run in conjunction with your vet. It is very important to monitor the health and growth rates of an animal from birth to calving to help maintain performance. Calves can be weigh banded when handled for disbudding and vaccinating.


The VetTech team is trained to assess the body condition score of your herd in a consistent way. This can help to monitor changes that impact on health and fertility, flagging up individual cows of concern. We can make regular visits to farm at intervals of six weekly to quarterly.


As part of our new DigiFarm service, we will be able to offer a full health tracking service. This health tracker will give you a clear overview of your herd’s health, allowing us to assess health issues and trends. From here we can take a more targeted approach on farm to help you drive productivity whilst maintaining herd health. We want to streamline the collection of health records, and our VetTech service will be on hand to record the health data on your behalf. This includes data such as mastitis cases, culled cows, lameness incidence, fertility and many more health events. The team would input all your data to create your monthly dashboard and benchmarking reports, which can then be reviewed with your vet.

To find out more about our VetTech service and how it could help you on farm, please give our team a call. 

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