Our VetTech will only disbud calves up to six weeks old


1. Stress free and hassle free for both the animal and farmer.

2. Dehorning can be a job that gets left until the animals are much older. Our VetTechs will come on a regular basis to ensure that no calf gets missed and the animal never gets too big.

3. We disbud the calf as soon as a bud is big enough to be removed. We use a very precise, small and relatively non-traumatic cauterisation tool which we believe to be the most welfare friendly technique available. The younger this is done the smaller the horn and the less traumatic the procedure.

4. Our service includes a 1ml dose of Metacam, which aids pain relief for up to three days post disbudding, this helps to maintain feed intake. The Metacam, Adrenacaine and antibiotic spray is included in our very competitive price.

5. Our VetTechs can help you do all of this reducing the number of farm staff required allowing you to get on with other jobs.