We have modern facilities and many years of experience performing surgeries on horses.

We have a large modern operating room for general anaesthetic operations.

In the course of any year the practice undertakes over 125 general anaesthetics.

Common surgeries undertaken include:

· Arthroscopy (keyhole of joints)

· Tenoscopy (keyhole of tendon sheaths)

· Bursoscopy of the navicular bursae

· PDS pinning for the treatment of OCD

· Fracture repair

· Neurectomy

Upper respiratory problems, including:

· Hobday

· Tie back

· Tie forward

Routine surgical treatments undertaken are:

· Colic surgery

· Castration

· Treatment for sarcoids

· Treatment for rigg (cryptorchid)

· Correction of angular limb deformity in foals

Standing Surgery

With the development of equine sedation more and more equine surgeries are undertaken whilst the horse is standing.

Common procedures we undertake include:

· foot surgery, including keratoma, infected pedal bone and treatment of white line disease

· laser treatment of sarcoids

· laser Hob Day surgery

· dental treatment including fillings, extractions and diastemata treatment

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