Pre-purchase Examinations

We have years of experience of vetting horses for a range of intended uses.

Pre-purchase Examinations

Our team of experienced equine vets can perform pre–purchase examinations for both our own clients’ horses and on behalf of non-registered clients.

These examinations can be performed either at the seller’s yard if facilities allow, or at our Lanark Hospital. We can also travel throughout the UK to perform pre-purchase examinations on behalf of our clients.

Pre-purchase examinations are a thorough examination on behalf of a purchaser to identify any issues that could affect a horse’s suitability for its intended use.

A standard five stage clinical examination is performed and a blood sample is collected for storage.

X-rays, scopes and ultrasound scans can be performed in addition to the clinical examination if these are deemed necessary or at the request of the prospective purchaser/insurer.

A limited two stage pre-purchase examination can be carried out where a five stage examination cannot be performed, for example in an unbroken two or three year old.

Insurance vettings can be carried out for existing owners, which follow the same format, as a standard pre-purchase examination – however this does not include an opinion on suitability for the intended use.

Please call us to discuss your individual pre-purchase examination needs.