Artificial Insemination

We’re British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved for artificial insemination of fresh and chilled semen.

Artificial Insemination

We strive to provide a comprehensive veterinary service for horse breeders and are able to offer a complete stud medicine service to help you from the time you start thinking about breeding until after your foal is born.

We have vets with particular skills, expertise and experience in all areas of equine reproduction including:

• Fertility and infertility examinations

• Artificial insemination including semen storage and handling

• Pregnancy diagnosis

• Management of the brood mare

• Foalings, including difficult deliveries and caesarean sections

We have had excellent results in our AI services with fresh, chilled and frozen semen. These services can be provided both out on your yard or at the Equine Hospital in Lanark.

If you are interested in breeding from your mare, please contact our reception team on 01555 660000 to arrange a call with one of our reproduction vets to discuss your individual requirements.