Success Story: Harris

Meet Harris a 6-year-old Welsh Sect B pony who was admitted to our Equine Hospital at the beginning of the year for the assessment of an acute onset left hindlimb lameness after sustaining an injury in the field. Examination revealed him to be approximately 6/10 lame on the left limb and gross stifle joint swelling was present.

A day later, Harris underwent surgery where veterinary surgeon Andrew McDiarmid undertook a stifle arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). Andrew determined that the bony attachment of approximately 50% of both the anterior cruciate and medial meniscus ligaments were fractured. The bone fragments were removed with a variety of keyhole surgery instruments. Harris recovered well after the operation with the use of the assisted rope recovery system and remained at our hospital for a further few days.

We're delighted to say that after 18 weeks of box rest, Harris is recovering well and is being ridden and has done some light jumping! He visited our Lanark hospital recently for his final check-up and was given the go ahead to get back outside!