Colic Surgery Success: April

Meet ‘April’ who recently left our hospital having undergone major colic surgery. 'April' developed colic eight days following foaling her lovely chestnut foal. She started to colic very violently. This required her to undergo colic surgery because the large colon was in the wrong place and was becoming very distended with gas. The contents of the colon were emptied, and the colon repositioned, and ‘April’ made a relatively uneventful recovery. She was discharged from the hospital six days later.

Mares post foaling are at very high risk of developing colic, and this situation is an emergency and need to be treated promptly. Large colon torsion or displacements at this stage post foaling often require surgical correction or the mare will die.

Having undergone colic surgery at this stage post foaling there is always the decision to be made whether or not the foal needs to be weaned quickly or weaned onto a foster mare. In this case, ‘April’s’ foal was very considerate on her mum and did not traumatise the large wound just in front of the udder.

We're delighted to say that 'April' has recovered well and is enjoying time with her foal.