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About Us

Clyde Veterinary Group Equine Hospital was formed in 2005 with the aim of providing a first class, modern, up-to-date service for clients in central Scotland.  

The hub of our operation is at the Equine Hospital at Lanark. We aim to provide and educate our clients with the most current knowledge and treatments available for their horse, pony or donkey.  

The practice has grown to service horse owners from the western side of Edinburgh to the eastern end of Glasgow, delivered by our two sites at Lanark and Stirling. We provide an equine only service both south and north of the M8 respectively.  


At the core of the practice policy environment has been a promotion of continual learning and training towards professional qualifications for all equine staff.  12 members of the equine vet team have already gained postgraduate qualifications whilst with our team.

A wide range of services are provided at our clients’ yards and homes and this is all backed up with the security and knowledge of having Scotland’s only private equine hospital at Lanark.

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