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 Equine Hospital 

About Us

Clyde Veterinary Group Equine Hospital was formed in 2005 with the aim of providing equine clients from Scotland and the north of England with the most up-to-date equine referral services.  

The hospital has facilities not found in any private facility in Scotland, all serviced by a team of highly qualified and experienced equine vets.  

Located in Lanark, our Equine Hospital has been at the forefront of equine veterinary medicine in Scotland, having undertaken many firsts, including becoming the first facility to undertake stem cell implantation, the surgical reattachment of joint fragments and surgical fusion of neck vertebrae in a horse suffering from wobblers syndrome.  


Our ethos is to give clients exposure to the most up-to-date knowledge currently available.  

An environment of continual learning and gaining professional qualifications has been at the core of the our expansion, with 12 members of the equine team having gained post graduate qualifications during their time in our team.  

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