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We have a large reception and waiting room area where we stock a range of lifestyle diets and pet health care products. Our reception is manned by carefully selected and trained receptionists and veterinary nursing staff who will be able to arrange appointments for you and your pet and are also available to answer any queries you may have.

Consulting Room

Consulting Rooms

Lanark has three large consulting rooms providing excellent facilities for the examination of your pets. All rooms are equipped with a computer so that your pet's case notes are easily accessed as soon as you step through the door; this also allows us full access to the records of the other branches

Every room has equipment to allow the full examination of your pet. An x–ray viewer is provided in every room so that clients can be shown the results of any radiographic examinations that have been carried out in our radiology unit.


There are two specially constructed kennelling areas at Lanark with separate wards for dogs and cats.
All animals are provided with special comfortable bedding materials, and a wide range of specific diets are available to suit the individual pet's preference and the requirements of their illness. These facilities are fully air-conditioned and provided with piped oxygen for our more severely ill patients.
If your pet is hospitalised we intend to make their stay as comfortable as we possibly can. We encourage telephone calls from you to enquire about your pet's progress and as part of our in-patient care regime will contact you regularly with up-dates on their condition. In addition visits can be arranged for long–stay patients.

Operating Preperation Room

Operation Preparation Room
The 'Prep Room' is where animals are anaesthetised and prepared for their operations.
Catheters are inserted in all patients prior to induction, and the operation site shaved of hair. Non–sterile operations such as dental procedures are also carried out here, along with ultrasound and fibreoptic examinations (e.g. endoscopy). As with the operating theatre all the anaesthetic gases are specially piped into the room, and used gas actively extracted. Thus ensuring a safe working environment for animals and our staff.

Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre
The Lanark practice's surgical facilities include a large theatre with two operating tables. Equipment for monitoring your pet under sedation or general anaesthetic in this room includes oesophageal stethoscopes, ECG and respiratory monitors. Special theatre lighting is also used.
All sterile procedures are carried out in this room under a strict regime, with all staff wearing designated scrub suits and surgical shoes. All surgeons are fully gloved and gowned for all procedures.
As with the operation preparation room all the anaesthetic gases are specially piped into the room, and used gas actively extracted. Thus ensuring a safe working environment for animals and our staff.

The small animal radiology unit consists of an x-ray machine with a fixed, high voltage output unit capable of radiographing patients from hamsters to Great Danes and this is linked to an automatic processor (for developing the x-ray plates) and a viewing area. X-ray viewers are also available in the consulting rooms so that clients can see their pet's x-rays. A larger gantry supported radiology unit is provided separately for our equine patients.
Many x-rays are carried out in this unit including, for example, x-rays of fractured limbs, x-rays for Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia, barium meal studies and a whole range of specialised contrast studies.

Our modern well equipped laboratory supports the small animal, farm and equine departments by providing services in biochemistry, haematology, cytology and parasitology. The photographs show our laboratory and some of the equipment used there.

Any tour of our practice must also include a look at all those behind-the-scenes staff who contribute so much to the smooth running of the services we offer.

We are the only veterinary practice in Scotland providing small animal nuclear scintigraphy (bone scanning). This is a very advanced technique for the diagnosis of  many medical and orthopaedic problems (including the capability of assessing the spread of some soft tissue tumours). A specific licenced isolation kennel is used for animals undergoing this protocol.

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