The Clyde Veterinary Group is able to offer extensive acupuncture treatment for dogs and cats with various problems. Our vets Mirjam Coert and Maaike McDiarmid have specialised in this alternative therapy.

Acupuncture has been successfully and safely used to treat both animals and humans for almost 4000 years. Acupuncture (acus = needle and punctura = to penetrate) literally means piercing the skin with a very thin needle in order to relieve symptoms or cure disease.

The special needles are much thinner then ordinary needles and most dogs and cats tolerate acupuncture very well. Even the most nervous dogs seem to improve after one or two sessions, once they have settled into the routine.

Acupuncture is mainly used for chronic conditions where either conventional medications may not be giving a good enough
result, cannot be used, or when an owner prefers to use as little medication as possible. It can be also safely be used together with already prescribed medicines.

Initial treatment will be weekly for the first four weeks and after that they are tapered to the animal’s needs, being anywhere between every two weeks to every two months or longer. If your animal has not improved after the first four weeks acupuncture was not the right treatment for the disease or it belongs to a very small percentage of animals that does not react to acupuncture.
  Ben undergoing acupuncture

Ben undergoing acupuncture Ben falling asleep during treatment!

Acupuncture sessions take about twenty minutes, with the needles staying in anywhere from two to twenty minutes depending on the individual animal’s requirements. If you think that your pet could benefit from acupuncture or you want to know more about it, please contact Mirjam or Maaike.

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