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International League for the Protection of HorsesClyde Vet Group's equine charity of choice.


Book Chapter:

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Scientific poster presentation

Ultrasonographic anatomy of the equine brain.  Pirie R.S., McDiarmid A. M. and Mayhew I. G., BEVA congress 1995.

Infection of the Intertubercular (bicipital) bursa in seven horses.  Riggs C., Patteson M., Gough M. and McDiarmid A.M. BEVA congress 1995. 

Conference Lectures

McDiarmid, A.M. 1995 BEVA congress. Adhesion formation following tendon injuries in the horse.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1995 BEVA and NAFB seminar. Coronary band injuries.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1996 BEVA Congress.  Sesamoiditis, diagnosis and treatment.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1996 Latvian Veterinary Congress.  Tendon injuries in the horse and equine exertional Rhabdomyolysis Syndrome (ERS).

McDiarmid, A.M. 1997 Association of Racecourse Veterinary Surgeons (ARVS).  Annual Seminar. Referral of horses from the racetrack.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1999 BEVA congress.  Management of acute tenosynovitis.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1999 BEVA congress.  Bandaging techniques.

McDiarmid, A.M. 1999 ARVS Annual Seminar. The Californian Post-mortem study.

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McDiarmid, A.M. 1999 Welfare in competition animal symposium. Equine Welfare in three-day eventing.

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