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January 2013 - Back to normality, almost

After the festive period, January sees us returning to normality with a thud! We are often very busy in this early part of the year with clients looking for appointments for ailments that have arisen over the holidays. There was no rest for the wicked though with the hospital having at least three inpatients each night and seven surgical procedures over those two weeks. We try to work with a slightly reduced staff over Christmas to allow everyone a bit of a break but, as usual, at least two equine vets and a nurse were working at all times.

Today, we are functioning with five equine vets as Susan is on holiday to move house and Luanne is currently on leave to study for her surgery specialisation exams in February. These exams mark the culmination of many years of hard work and represent a very high level of expertise in this field.

In terms of inpatients today, there has been a bit of a mixed bag for the nurses to take care of, with several lame horses arriving for Andrew, a colicking pony and horse having a tooth removed to mention only a few. Tooth removal in horses is a procedure which is increasingly performed, where possible, under standing sedation instead of under a general anaesthetic. This horse was only seven years old which posed a great deal of difficulty for Louise who was undertaking the extraction; young horses have a significant amount of root associated with each cheek tooth meaning they are held firmly in place. Louise’s patience was rewarded though, when, after several hours of wiggling, the tooth was successfully removed in one piece.

Our yard health scheme has had good uptake this year and so much of the early part of this month has been busy with routine dental treatment and vaccinations. Today, two yards were taking advantage of these discounts, keeping Morven and Will busy! Alison has been clinic-based today, dealing with our emergency colic admission and then a bone scan in the afternoon.

Our emergency on call staff tonight is made up of Will and Louise along with Stacey as our on call nurse. They are going to be busy with checks of our pony with colic this evening.

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